White Twinkling Dancefloor

White Twinkling Dancefloor hire

One of our most popular hire products are our impressive white twinkling dancefloors, otherwise known as white led or what starlit. Don’t settle for a plain wooden dancefloor, our white twinkling dancefloors look amazing for any event, they photograph well and help encourage guests up to dance! Our white twinkling dancefloors are “hard wired” floors which mean each panel that makes up the floor are wired to each other making sure there is power to each panel all the time. There are some cheaper floors on the market that rely on contacts between the panels, but as we know and as more and more clients are finding out, if the contacts are dirty, damaged or when the panels move slightly or are laid on an un-even surface, the contacts won’t touch properly meaning floors will have panels that don’t light up. Don’t settle for second best – book one of our dance floor centre pieces for your event and give your guests a reason to dance!

Retail Prices

White Twinkling (LED) Starlit Acrylic Portable Dancefloor

12ft x 12ft – £300.00

14ft x 14ft – £400.00

16ft x 16ft – £475.00

18ft x 18ft – £550.00

20ft x 20ft – £650.00

We can supply bigger square dancefloors and also rectangular dancefloors, please contact us for a customized quote.

Optional add on’s;
•Under lay to go under the dancefloor – £25.00
•Package of 10 up lighters to go round the walls of your function room in a colour of your choice – £75.00

Our Requirements

•Prices exclude VAT
•Free delivery within 20 miles of PR6 0BL. Outside this area please ask for a quote on delivery.
•If the dancefloor is going in a marquee, the marquee must be accessible by one of our 3.5 tonne long wheel base vans right up to the marquee. Also for marquees, they must have a level surface and can’t be fitted on any other surface than carpet, wooden or tiled floors.
•If your event is not on the ground floor we will need access to a lift which can take a minimum 500kilo in weight and have dimensions of 1.5 metre x 1 metre minimum.
•Check with your venue whether they require under lay under the dancefloor.
•If you are hiring a dance floor to be delivered and installed during a “turn around” period then you must make sure your event runs to time in order not to delay our delivery team and risk the floor not being installed. An additional cost may apply for events over running. For example if the dancefloor is being set for a wedding between the wedding breakfast and evening reception between 6pm and 7pm, you need to make sure the area where the floor is going is clear and accessible between those times. If your wedding breakfast over runs and we can only get in to set the floor up later than booked then this may cost you more.