Fire Eaters and Performers

Fire performers are a fantastic way of drawing attention and entertaining guests. With different skills and type of performance, they never fail to impress. Bringing heat and passion, the mystical and mesmerising fire dancers are ideal for any client looking to make a real impact.

Large and impressive, choreographed fire shows are the perfect addition to any event. With swords, staffs, juggling, fans and more, this is the ultimate fire display, combining movement, music and flames in a slick and impressive package. Expect fireballs, fast routines and a show to remember!

Fire Eating & Breathing
The most dangerous of all the skills! Fire breathing creates a spectacular plume of fire, often up to 10 feet high, which is guaranteed to stop anyone in their tracks. Fire eating is a brilliant addition to the show, where the flame is extinguished by the performer “eating” it.

Fire Poi
Fire poi is an impressive display where fire on ropes or chains is swung around the body, creating beautiful circular fire trails around the performer and stunning effects.

Body Burning
Body Burning is a mesmorising effect where the fire perform runs flaming torches along their bare skin.

Fire Hoop
Fire hoop is a stunning show where the performer combines the skills of hula hooping and fire performance, using a hula hoop with flames attached to it.

Fire Fans
Elegant and hypnotising, the performers use their fire fans to paint pictures in the air and leave trails along with their movements.

How far will the act travel?

We have these acts all round the UK so we are never too far away from where your event will be held

Does the act have insurance?

Yes, importantly all our acts have public liability insurance, this is a must have!

How long is a typical hire time for this type of act?

We can provide the act to fit round your requirements but a usual hire is for 2 hours with 3 or 4 performance times within the 2 hours of 10-15mins at a time. With this type of act you can’t have 2 hours solid performance, the acts will need breaks between performances.

Will this type of act work at a corporate event?

Yes, around half of the bookings we get for this act are for corporate events

Can I hire this act or my nightclub or late night bar?

Yes, these acts are only too familiar with performing in this type of environment

Will the fee incude travel fees?

Yes, any price we quote you will include travel to the venue where your event will be held.

How do I book, obtain a quote or check availavility?

It’s easy, call our knowledgeable team on 0844 579 1097 / 01257 267222 or email us at