Club / Podium Dancers

Freestyle or choreographed, our stunning club dancers can perform a variety of styles to create a brilliant atmosphere and entertain.

Break dancers / Street Dancers

Delivering a combination of fresh footwork, exciting flips and funky moves to the highest standard, our professional break dancers are full of energy and enthusiasm.
Available individually or in groups, these performers are fantastic entertainment for all events.

Dance Troupes

Our dance troupes are available in different sizes to perform all styles of choreographed and freestyle dance. From Urban dance to the Charleston, our performers can create routines to suite the needs of any event.


A fun marketing tool and exciting addition to any event.

Our professional dancers can mingle around your event as if they were any other guest, or appear out of no where as the music starts. They will then perform a choreographed routine to the surprise of all your guests!

Available in any costume and performing any style of dance.

Ballroom Dancers

With the popularity of Strictly Come Dancer, ballroom dancing is as popular as ever.
Our professional dancers are trained in all forms of ballroom dance and will perform stunning routines suitable for each event.

Bollywood Dancers

Our professional Bollywood dancers provide exciting, energetic and colourful performances.
With solo performers to large groups, we can provide the right group for you. Workshops and full choreographed performances available.

Can-Can Dancers

Can-Can performers provide dazzling, colourful routines in stunning costume to bring you a taste of Paris!

Available in different sized groups, these dancers will bring a burst of energy to any event.


Handpicked for the dance skills, glamour, stunt ability and showmanship, our cheerleaders are perfect for promotional, corporate, sporting and private events

How far will the act travel?

We have these acts all round the UK so we are never too far away from where your event will be held

Does the act have insurance?

Yes, importantly all our acts have public liability insurance, this is a must have!

How long is a typical hire time for this type of act?

We can provide the act to fit round your requirements but a usual hire is for 2 hours with 3 or 4 performance times within the 2 hours of 10-15mins at a time. With this type of act you can’t have 2 hours solid performance, the acts will need breaks between performances.

Will this type of act work at a corporate event?

Yes, around half of the bookings we get for this act are for corporate events

Can I hire this act or my nightclub or late night bar?

Yes, these acts are only too familiar with performing in this type of environment

Will the fee incude travel fees?

Yes, any price we quote you will include travel to the venue where your event will be held.

How do I book, obtain a quote or check availavility?

It’s easy, call our knowledgeable team on 0844 579 1097 / 01257 267222 or email us at